Author Topic: HobbyZone Conscendo S Review  (Read 4815 times)


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HobbyZone Conscendo S Review
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:12:21 PM »
Just picked one of these up at G-Force during the week and maidened it today.

Initial impressions were pretty good and after reading the thread on RCgroups about it I was convinced. First flight today was great, wind was blowing about 15mph but she flew great considering how light it is. Power on climb is good at about 45 degree climb and gets to spec high pretty quick. Once power is off she actually penetrated the wind fairly well and indicated thermals easily.
Put in three flight all together with the last one being over fifteen minutes after just one power climb to altitude. The three flight modes were tried and on the intermediate setting it was very docile and easy to keep in a thermal. beginner mode is just that, extremely docile and well mannered and the AS3X handled the gusting wings easily.

I would highly recommend this to beginners and experts alike, inexpensive, light weight, and fly's great!

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